3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Performing Surya Namaskar

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Surya Namaskar also known as sun salutation includes a series of 12 asanas. Performing Surya Namaskar is a common practice and can offer several health benefits. The Surya Namaskar sequence can help improve blood circulation in the body, improve digestion, help in weight loss and also detoxifies your body. Not many know that it is also good for your mental health as it helps beat stress and insomnia. Many perform several repetitions of the Surya Namaskar on a daily basis to enhance their mental as well as physical health. Weight loss is also a very common goal. However, there are a few common mistakes that you might be making unknowingly while performing Surya Namaskar. Let’s talk about these in this article.

Mistakes to avoid when performing Surya Namaskar

In a recent post on Instagram, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar pointed out some common mistakes that one should avoid while doing Surya Namaskar. “In our zest to do more, we do more damage to our neck, shoulders and back. And we promptly go from 100 to 0. It’s the quality and not the quantity that matters. Even 3 a day are good, if done right. Build it to a 5 or a 7 max but keep your focus on the basics, the form and the technique,” she wrote in the caption.

3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Performing Surya Namaskar

1. You drop your shoulders towards the ears

While performing the third step which is the standing forward bend, many try to bring their ears and shoulder close. This should be avoided. You should lift your shoulders and move them away from your ears. Not just in this position, you should follow this throughout the sequence.

2. Your hips are not aligned

When in a plank position, compress your hips and keep your body in a straight line. Do not raise your hips or drop them. For a perfect plank, keep your body in a straight line.

3. Your collapse on your front body

In the eight-step that is the downward-facing dog pose, many put their body weight on the upper body. Instead, you should keep your hips as the tallest part of the body in this position and push your body backwards.

Some extra tips:

  • Start from the top of the mat
  • Remove all jewelry and keep your phones away
  • Rujuta also recommends performing minimum of 3 rounds in a day

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