Asus ROG Phone 6 Review User Opinions and Reviews

Asus ROG Phone 6 Review User Opinions and Reviews

Asus ROG Phone 6 Review User Opinions and Reviews The latest Asus ROG Phone half dozen is not an enormous leap over its precursor, the Asus ROG Phone 5s. There area unit the same old performance-related enhancements that area unit expected from each new update. there is a new processor, enhancements to the inner cooling system, Associate in Nursingd a brand new and an updated cooling accent. Xiaomi Notebook Pro

Its style conjointly remains almost like the previous model, solely with one or two of changes. however there is conjointly Associate in Nursing improved camera setup, that might build it a premium all arounder. This last bit is vital, on condition that the ROG Phone half dozen has seen an obvious worth hike over the previous model.

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Asus ROG Phone half dozen worth in Asian country The Asus ROG Phone half dozen is priced at Rs. 71,999 for the only 12GB RAM and 256GB storage configuration. It’s accessible in 2 finishes: Storm White and Phantom Black, and that i received the latter for this review. there is conjointly Associate in Nursing ROG Phone half dozen professional that is gone on sale for

Rs. 89,999 however the sole distinction between it and therefore the half dozen could be a slightly completely different back panel style with an extra 2-inch OLED show and additional RAM (18GB) and storage (512GB). you’ll be able to browse our initial impressions of it.

The Asus ROG Phone 6’s tag could be a ton above the ROG Phone 5s that was priced at Rs. 57,999 for the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage variant, once launched last year. the worth of this year’s base ROG Phone half dozen is really nearer to last year’s professional model that was priced at Rs seventy nine,999.

Combine this redoubled tag with Asus’ delayed unharness in Asian country since the phone was proclaimed in July 2022, and you’ll be able to see however it must be doubly as appealing to its niche gamer audience. Asus ROG Phone five final Review: For Hardcore Gamers

Asus ROG Phone half dozen style

Part of that attractiveness looks a small amount lost this year, with Asus utilization an equivalent style year when year. Asus keeps taming the look of the ROG Phone each year, however this year seems a small amount completely different. The camera module round the back currently protrudes a small amount and is kind of giant compared to previous devices. there is currently 2 RGB components within the rear panel. at the side of the same old “fearless eye” emblem that has gotten the dot-matrix treatment (similar to newer ROG-branded laptops), there is currently a second customisable RGB part beneath the “Dare to Play” shibboleth.

The Asus ROG Phone 6’s Gorilla gorilla Glass three rear panel continues to be a smudge magnet and therefore the device feels quite buxom with a thickness of ten.3mm, and significant at 239g (which is kind of on the point of 1 / 4 of kilogram). The ROG Phone half dozen finally gets Associate in Nursing IPX4 rating. this can be smart for serving to it survive against splashes of water and this brings it a touch nearer to changing into a correct premium flagship.

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However, it’s still quite giant and significant to be used as a daily driver in my opinion, even though you account for its larger than usual battery capability. Unless you happen to own very giant hands, the ROG Phone half dozen demands correct, two-handed operation and that i wasn’t able to sit well with it in my pants pocket. Even whereas enjoying games, the phone feels a small amount significant to carry throughout extended sessions.

I’m not a devotee of razor skinny bezels on a smartphone, however the chunky bezels at the highest and bottom of the show do seem quite dated for a smartphone launched in 2022. i might have most well-liked slightly slimmer ones that may have created the device look a small amount additional trendy. Redmagic’s 7S professional certain appearance plenty slicker as compared with its agent bezels and therefore the hidden selfie camera (like on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4), that makes for a distraction-free show.

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The thick bezels on the Asus ROG Phone half dozen do hide the big speakers so, they need a reason to be there, however it certain takes removed from the attractiveness of the smartphone. In fact, a clear edge exposing the hardware below would have positively looked plenty cooler than the thick black bands at every finish.

Asus ROG Phone half dozen specifications and code

The processor within the Asus ROG Phone half dozen gets upgraded from the Qualcomm flower 888+ within the ROG Phone 5s to the newer Qualcomm flower 8+ info one. whereas the SoC is fairly new, the delayed unharness of the ROG Phone half dozen in Asian country may even see a couple of consumers holding back their purchase till the flower eight info two SoC starts occurrence on premium smartphones, a number of that area unit expected to arrive as early because the finish of this year.

The ROG Phone half dozen offers LPDDR5 RAM and UFS three.1 storage that is that the best that you just will get on a premium device. Communication standards embrace support for multiple 5G bands, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth five.2, NFC, and 2 USB-Type C ports. there’s no dedicated slot for a microSD card however the intrinsical 256GB of storage ought to be comfortable.

The phone is supercharged by a half dozen,000mAh battery and comes with a 30W charger within the enclose Asian country. The phone will support up to 65W quick charging, however that charger is sold-out individually.

Asus ROG Phone half dozen front armoury crate ndtv AsusROGPhone6 Asus

The Asus ROG Phone half dozen runs robot twelve that has overlays of the brand’s ROG UI and Zen UI. The interface seems usually Asus with ROG UI components employed in the Armoury Crate app, that is wherever all the gaming-specific hardware changes are often created. Tinkerers can love this since you’ll be able to do something from change the bit sensitivity of the show to tweak the battery performance modes. whereas the Armoury Crate app seems an equivalent as before, the sport jinnee slide-out dashboard has seen Associate in Nursing overhaul of kinds.

A swipe from the top-left corner of the show whereas in an exceedingly game provides you access to the current dashboard, that allows you to switch performance modes on the fly and even allows you to activate some game-specific settings. whereas the layout currently pops up from the lowest and is way wider, there area unit still some choices or toggles hidden in some scrollable menus, that I didn’t understand till I accidentally swiped over them.

As for the regular robot code interface, everything is wherever it ought to be and runs quite fluidly notwithstanding what percentage apps or games are opened within the background. the dearth of robot thirteen on a smartphone launched towards the top of 2022 stands out sort of a sore thumb in comparison to alternative flagships at this worth purpose. Asus didn’t comment regarding once the update to robot thirteen would be accessible either.

Asus ROG Phone half dozen performance

As expected, the Asus ROG Phone half dozen performed very well in benchmarks and simply takes down most high-end robot premium flagships. once running most benchmarking apps, the phone forcibly used X Mode, however I managed to induce regular scores also. AnTuTu solely ran in X Mode and came back a score of ten,83,480, that is that the highest we’ve got seen among the Qualcomm flower 8+ info one devices we’ve got reviewed.

The phone managed one,220 and 3,719 points in Geekbench’s single and multi-core tests severally once tested while not X Mode, and 1,325 and 4,284 once tested with X Mode. alternative tests conjointly showed an obvious increase in scores (or performance) once tested with X Mode.

The Asus ROG Phone half dozen includes a sharp

The phone’s half dozen.78-inch AMOLED show could be a small bit smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s panel, however owing to the thick bezels, it feels plenty larger. It produces slightly saturated colors within the default color mode, however are often adjusted to a user’s preferences in show Settings. It supports the HDR10+ certification that is obtainable in streaming apps like Netflix and Youtube.

The 165Hz refresh rate created the code expertise seem quite fluid however this panel isn’t of the LTPO selection. It will still switch between 60Hz, 90Hz,120Hz,144Hz, and 165Hz reckoning on the appliance in use. but once it involves games, I seldom found a title (even from Asus’s 165Hz library) that managed to cross 144fps. most well-liked games managed 120fps with no issues. iPad 2022 10th Gen Review A Confusingly Good iPad

As for games themselves, they ran cleanly while not a hiccup on the Asus ROG Phone half dozen. The phone did get hot round the back however the warmth is equally distributed therefore it didn’t feel too hot to carry. The show offers up to a 720Hz bit rate. With X-mode on, I managed to tweak the screen’s bit rate to the very best attainable worth and therefore the results were spectacular once enjoying independent agency titles like decision of Duty: Mobile.

Asus ROG Phone half dozen back aeroactive cooler6 ndtv AsusROGPhone6 Asus

Asus sent across the Aeroactive Cooler half dozen and that i was quite excited to undertake it out. In theory, it’s a powerful piece of kit, with a peltier cooling setup found in some smaller fridges. Of course, the technology has been miniaturised to deliver higher potency, however throughout my testing it did let ME run Genshin Impact at the very best attainable settings and therefore the phone was plenty cooler than the other premium flagship that I’ve used.

This cooler has four further buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2) which will be mapped to varied functions among games. However, the thickness of the new cooler makes them quite laborious to succeed in, particularly once I needed to use the intrinsical AirTriggers on the phone, at the side of the cooler buttons. Upon victimization the buttons I conjointly noticed that the cooler would arbitrarily disconnect,

which created it an enormous downside once enjoying competitive games. it is not simply the cooling that stops, however the buttons conjointly become inactive throughout gameplay. It’s attainable this was a difficulty with simply my accent, therefore i will provide Asus the good thing about doubt here.

I conjointly found the build quality of the cooler to be a haul, on condition that this accent can set you back by an extra Rs. 5,999. one in every of the buttons popped out throughout the review amount {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} fold-out kickstand also appeared quite flimsy and felt find it irresistible might split up a touch pressure. i might positively suggest victimization simply the Kunai Gamepad accent for higher controls, however the cooler could be a must-have to stay the device running cool once enjoying demanding games at maxed-out graphics and hardware settings.

The Asus ROG Phone half dozen comes with a high quality plastic case within the box

The two speakers on either aspect of the Asus ROG Phone half dozen area unit probably the most effective I actually have detected on a smartphone. Asus claims to own value-added additional cuboidal house to deliver higher bass, and that i will ensure that it’s doing its job quite well. there is conjointly a three.5mm earphone jack for those that would really like to connect whereas diversion.

The phone’s large battery simply gave ME regarding 2 days of casual use with some diversion sessions and camera usage. Extended diversion sessions and therefore the use of the new cooler did drain the battery quicker (a ten % drop rather than five %, each fifteen minutes). Our HD video loop battery check managed Associate in Nursing impre