Dengue Fever: Stay Safe With These Simple Preventive Measures

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Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection which spreads quickly. However, a few simple preventive measures can help control its spread to an extent. Every year, a sharp rise in dengue cases is observed during monsoon. Dengue fever starts with symptoms like fever, rash, headaches and nausea. The preventive measures for dengue mainly include steps to stop mosquito breeding and mosquito bites. Here are some of these.

Simple prevention steps for dengue fever

1. Prevent mosquito bites

Wear full sleeved clothes and try to cover all your body parts. While sleeping, you can use a mosquito net. You can also use a mosquito repellent for better protections.

2. Keep the indoors safe

There are various factors which can contribute to indoor breeding of mosquitoes. Cleaning your house is the first and the most basic step advised to stop dengue spread.

Stagnant water is the basic ground for mosquito breeding. So, do not forget to clean pots or container where water is likely to collect. Also, try not to store water for later use.

3. Keep a check on your doors and windows

Open doors and windows can directly invite mosquitoes to your house. Keep the doors and windows closed when not in use. If you have a broken window or a door, get it repaired immediately especially during dengue outbreak.

Dengue Fever: Stay Safe With These Simple Preventive Measures

4. Know the symptoms

Early detection and treatment can help you fight the condition effectively. High fever, sharp headache, vomiting, pain behind the eyes, pain in muscles and joints and body rashes are some of the common symptoms.

5. Protect your children from mosquitoes

Children spend maximum time outdoors and are more exposed to mosquitoes. Therefore, make your child wear full sleeved clothes and also apply a mosquito repellent. Also, indoor games are better than outdoors during outbreak.

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