The Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies for 2023

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Car Insurance is one of those things you buy and cross your figures that you’ll never have to use it. Anyone who’s ever had to make an auto insurance claim knows how much of a nightmare the entire process can be.

Your car could be damaged or you could have caused damage to someone else’s property. Worse still, you or someone else could be injured as well.

Bad auto insurance could very well make a bad situation worse. Here’s the car insurance list you’ve been desperately looking for. Read on to discover the best car insurance companies for 2019.

What Is the Best Car Insurance Company: Here’s How to Choose

All car insurance companies basically offer a similar product. What’s different is how they package it and deliver it to you.

One option would be to buy insurance through a local agent who would also be responsible for handling any claims you may have with the insurer. On the other hand, some companies take on a self-service approach where you go online and shop for a policy yourself.

The second thing you need to think about is the cost factor. The policy you choose should fit well within your budget.

While you compare the rates offered by different companies, bear in mind that the prices could be drastically different. They depend on factors like your age, gender, credit history and even driving record to assess whether you would be categorized as a “high-risk” individual. High-risk individuals generally pay higher premiums.

It, therefore, wouldn’t make sense to compare the rates for a 17-year old male from company A with those of a 70-year old female from company B. Especially, when you’re neither 17 nor 70-years old.

It also helps to consider any discounts you may qualify for. This could be the tiebreaker for companies offering the same rates.

Check out online reviews on each company and read what real customers have to say about them. You’ll quickly discover which companies have poor customer service and how long it typically takes to process a claim.

You’ll also learn which ones have the financial muscle to honor your claim while which ones are likely to leave their customers high and dry. Be wary of low-cost auto insurance. Cheaper premiums might translate to low coverage, so less may not necessarily mean better.

The Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies for 2023

Top 10 Car Insurance List for 2019

This list of car insurance companies was rated based on the coverage vis-à-vis the price. It’s all about getting more bang for your buck. Without further ado here are the top 10 for 2019.

1. Amica

Amica has the second highest J.D Power satisfaction rating. What’s more, the company doesn’t have any restrictions on which auto body shop you can use for repairs. It also offers the largest array of coverage options which includes GAP insurance and interior vehicle coverage which isn’t offered by most insurers.

2. The Hartford

The Hartford is the only auto insurer that offers mechanical breakdown coverage. This means that the policy covers the cost of mechanical repairs that aren’t included in your vehicle’s warranty.

In addition to its solid coverage, the company has an amazing selection of policy benefits just to sweeten the pot. For instance, if you travel frequently, you’ll appreciate their towing and roadside assistance programs.

3. Geico

Geico is the second-largest second-tier insurance provider in the US. They offer competitive rates with lots of discounts to boot.

A few of these include vehicle equipment discounts, multi-vehicle discounts as well as the very popular driving history discounts. Active and retired military servicemen also benefit from additional savings opportunities from the company.


USAA’s sterling reputation makes it one of the 3 highest-rated auto insurers in the US. The only con would be that it is reserved for active military servicemen, veterans and their immediate families. They offer a perfect policy purchasing experience and boast rock-solid financial stability.

5. Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance consistently receives high ratings from J.D Power and Consumer Reports. Its only downside is its limited availability.

So if you live in the South or Midwest regions of the country, it’s definitely worth checking out. The beauty about it is that the company locks in your auto insurance rate so you don’t have to worry about escalating premiums. Unless, of course, you’re changing your car.

6. State Farm

State Farm’s rental car coverage, as well as its travel expenses coverage, is second to none. In the event that you’re involved in a collision accident, the company not only pays for a rental car but if you get stranded more than 50miles away from home they foot all your meal, lodging, and transportation bills.

7. Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide offers customers a discount of up to 40% on premiums just for driving safe. They plug a SmartRide device to your car’s diagnostic port to track your driving habits. They then use that data to determine the discount rate you qualify for.

8. Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance is all about promoting customer relationships. It uses an agent-only model which is a great choice for those who prefer dealing with a human being. It is available in 26 South and the Midwest States.

9. American Family Auto Insurance

American Family has a solid financial foundation so you don’t have to worry about them not honoring your claim. It offers lots of discounts and a convenient online bill paying and claims filing system. What’s more, with the MyAmFam mobile app, you can track claims and check your policy details on your mobile device.

10. Liberty Mutual

With its 24-hour claims service, Liberty Mutual was ranked “better than most” in the Local Agents and Policy Offerings categories of J.D Power’s 2018 Insurance Shopping Survey. Aside from its standard coverage customers benefit from the Accident Forgiveness option when you’re involved in your first accident. Coverage can be expensive if you’re buying a single policy, but it’s totally worth it.

Some Final Thoughts

While the price is the single most important factor for most customers when it comes to buying auto insurance, the providers in this car insurance list will give you the best value for your money. At the end of the day, your exact needs when it comes to coverage determine what kind of policy you’ll need to get.

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